Greetings from the crew at Flowered.  I just wanted to take a minute and introduce our selves.

My name is Greg Gagne and with my wife Melissa and our old friend James Reber we are Flowered. The business took a long road to get to where we are these days. We started as home brewers wanting to start a brewery and hop farm, that dream went away as soon as we fell down the cut flower rabbit hole.

 Our first plantings on the farm was a little over 800 hundred lavender plants. Most of those plants didn't last the year. This was very disappointing, the idea of caring for these little babies putting them in the ground and then watching them die. So what else did we do but continue in planting and killing lavender for the next three years. The next problem came when we realized that we had to wait three years to get any marketable stems from our beloved plants. After that painful realization was when we went full steam ahead with cut flowers. We were amazed at the beauty we could grow and market all in a year. From that point on we grow and trial anything we can think of that may have a place with designers and wholesalers. At the end of the day, we have to love it , we have to care for it and it has to make us happy.



Greg Gagne